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Broadband Reach Extender BRX-XLR

The Broadband Reach Extender – Extra Long Reach (BRX-XLR) is a fully integrated solution that extends the reach of deployed ADSL / ADSL2+ DSLAMs or MSANs to deliver 10 Mbps per pair to subscribers at 17,000 feet (5.2 km) on 24 AWG copper pairs. It is being used for a multitude of applications and it is particularly well suited in underserved or unserved markets. An increase in the available bandwidth capacity on existing last mile infrastructure results in higher ARPU, lower attrition and increased customer satisfaction.

The BRX-XLR offers “new life” for installed DSLAMs and the ‘last mile’ of copper with an optimal way to deliver higher speed services. Broadband service operators can instantly provide higher bandwidth to subscribers without the heavy expenditures of bringing Fiber to the Home (FTTH).

BRX-XLR diagram

About the BRX-XLR

The Positron Access Solutions BRX-XLR is a next generation performance and distance (reach) enhancement solution for any ADSL / ADSL2+ loops served by a DSLAM. The BRX-XLR is installed between the DSLAM (typically around 8,000 to 12,000 feet / 2.4 to 3.7 km from the DSLAM) and the remote user locations and improves the overall performance by a factor of 100% to 500%. By significantly increasing the effective bandwidth and reach of existing xDSL lines, Operators can deliver true broadband speeds to each of their subscribers, even those located in remote areas or currently located too far from the DSLAM to receive any service. The BRX-XLR is designed to deliver a minimum of 10 Mbps on an ADSL2+ pair at a distance of 17,000 feet (5.2 km) on 24 AWG copper pairs.

100% Transparent Support for Pair Bonding

The BRX-XLR has been proven in the field as fully transparent to pair-bonding applications. From simpler data-only applications where two (2) pairs are bonded to deliver 10 Mbps beyond 20,000 feet/ 6.6 km to more demanding applications such as delivering over 25 Mbps at 14,000 feet (4.2 km) to an IPTV service with 3 HD channels and bandwidth to spare for email and social networking.

More than Signal Amplification

In addition to delivering a significant increase in performance, field testing has shown that the BRX-XLR will help mitigate some of the common problems impacting the performance of ADSL and ADSL2+ in the Outside Plant (OSP). As it amplifies the xDSL signal, the BRX-XLR significantly improves the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to the subscriber modem. Thanks to this improved SNR, the BRX-XLR helps mitigate the impact of bridge taps, especially those resulting from inadequate in-house wiring.

Assorted Form Factor and Flexible Mounting Options

The BRX-XLR is designed to fit seamlessly in the copper OSP. It is offered in various form factors including a self-contained 1-pair and 2-pair enclosures and flexible 24 or 48 pair enclosures for higher-density areas.

These solutions come in a variety of weather resistant enclosures (IP-65) or in flexible enclosures designed to seamlessly fit in most pedestal and cabinets used by operators. They can also be easily mounted on a pole or on the outside of an existing cabinet.

BRX-XLR-1 and BRX-XLR-2 Standalone Units

Flexible 1 or 2 pair units in IP-65 Weather Resistant Enclosures


The BRX-XLR-1 is a single pair unit ideal to serve isolated users. The BRX-XLR-2 is a 2-pair unit that can serve two different customers or a single customer when bonding 2 pairs together for higher bandwidth.


The BRX-XLR-1 and BRX-XLR-2 share the same enclosure and come with embedded gas tube protection for lightning protection. The enclosure is designed for easy installation on a pole, inside or on the outside of a pedestal or on a wall. An optional strand mounting bracket is also available.


24 pair unit for installation in a Pedestal or Cabinet


The BRX-XLR-CAB-24 enclosure is designed to host 12 2-pair BRX-XLR modules in a robust enclosure that can be mounted inside a pedestal or cabinet. The BRX-XLR modules are available in 2 versions:

  • BRX-XLR-MODULE-2P: designed to use with external Gas Tube Protection (5-pin protector)
  • BRX-XLR-MODULE-2P-PROT: Gas Tube Protection mounted on the printed circuit board

The BRX-XLR-CAB-24 comes with a pair of standard 25-pin Amphenol connectors (24 pairs) from the CO/DSLAM and 24 pairs toward the users / CPE Devices.

 When equipped with BRX-XLR-MODULE-2P modules, the BRX-XLR-CAB-24 can be fitted with a 50-pair protection block to easily install the 5-pin protection devices.


Pedestal Integration


The BRX-XLR-CAB-24 enclosure is easily mounted inside most splicing pedestal models found in the outside plant (OSP).

The BRX-XLR-24-PED incorporates a BRX-XLR-CAB-24 factory installed in an Emerson CAD-12 pedestal to serve up to 24 ADSL / ADSL2+ subscribers in a customer service area (CSA) with enough room to handle a 100-pair binder from the Central Office (CO or Exchange) and a 100- pair binder toward the subscribers.

The BRX-XLR-48-PED incorporates a pair of BRX-XLR-CAB-24 factory installed in an Emerson CAD-12 pedestal to serve up to 48 ADSL / ADSL2+ subscribers in a customer service area (CSA) with enough room to handle a 100-pair binder from the Central Office (CO or Exchange) and a 100-pair binder toward the subscribers.

The Emerson CAD-12 is factory installed with 5-pin protection modules for each copper pair into and out of the BRX-XLR-CAB-24 enclosures for lightning protection. It is also equipped with gel-filled 100-pair splice modules (3M part# 2810F100-HCO/48-GBM) from the CO and toward the subscribers terminated with 3M MS2 connectors. The factory installed unit further comes equipped with 50-pair gel-filled splicing modules (3M part# 2810F48-HCO/48-GBM) to facilitate the connectivity of the pairs in and out of the BRX-XLR-CAB-24 enclosure.

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