OSIRIS DS1 Mapper Unit

The Positron OSIRIS multi-service Platform (MSP) is an integrated access solution for the rapidly expanding synchronous optical network (SONET) broadband markets. It delivers the most cost-effective, compact and simple-to-deploy solution for multiservice traffic such as data, voice and video.

DS-1 Mapper Technology

The OSIRIS solutions are designed to map various types of signals over a fiber ring. The DS-1 mappers map DS-1 signals (1.544 Mbps) onto VT1. 5 containers on a SONET fiber ring. They are offered in two versions: the standard DS-1, which is available in four-channel and seven-channel models; and the DS-1PM+, which is available in four-channel and eight-channel models. The DS-1PM+ mappers are enhanced versions of the DS-1 mappers, offering increased performance monitoring functions.

Protection Switching Control Unit (PSCU) Technology

The PSCU card performs DS-1 1:N protection switching at the mapper level for the OSIRIS STD, XTD and XTS shelves. The PSCU function is integrated in the alarm and craft interface unit (ACIU) for the OSIRIS Micro Shelf and OSIRIS Micro Wallmount Unit (WMU); it provides 1:1 equipment protection.


  • Remote circuit testing and loopback
  • Failure detection
  • Enhanced performance monitoring with the DS-1PM+ mappers
  • 1:N protection switching via the PSCU


  • End-to-end preventative maintenance and service grade guarantee
  • Fault isolation
  • Capability to act as a demarcation point at the customer premise, creating a common provisioning and management system
  • Enhanced in-service performance monitoring for anomaly and defect detection
  • Line- and path-level performance monitoring
  • Event detection for text and loopback (in-band and out-of-band signaling)