OSIRIS DS3 Mapper Unit

The Positron OSIRIS multi-service Platform (MSP) is an integrated access solution for the rapidly expanding synchronous optical network (SONET) broadband markets. It delivers the most cost-effective, compact and simple-to-deploy solution for multiservice traffic such as data, voice and video.

DS-3 Mapper Technology

The OSIRIS solutions are designed to map various types of signals over a fiber ring. The DS-3 mapper maps one clear-channel DS-3 signal (44.736 Mbps) onto an STS-1 of a SONET ring.


  • Capability to carry asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) traffic
  • Ability to carry video
  • Remote circuit testing and loopback
  • Performance monitoring on DS-3 lines
  • Failure detection
  • 1:3 equipment protection in OSIRIS STD, OSIRIS XTD and OSIRIS XTS shelves
  • 1:1 equipment protection in OSIRIS Micro Shelf and OSIRIS Micro Wallmount Unit (WMU)