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What is and How Come I Never Heard About It? stands for Gigabit Home Networking. It was developed under the ITU-T (International Telecommunications Union Telecom Standardization Sector, and it is being promoted by the HomeGrid Forum and several other organizations. wave-1 was initially introduced to operate over power lines and was used within residences as plug in extenders and hence most people never knew that that they were using In March 2012 the ITU-T extended the specification to include multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) technology to increase data rates and the signaling distance over telephone wire. This new capability changed the landscape and caught the attention of operators in SE Asia where millions of subscribers in MDUs are served with Today operators across the globe are taking a closer look at how can complement their fiber and wireless gigabit offerings. can provide data rates of up to 2 Gbps and can operate over existing MDU cabling such as telephone wire (Cat3) and coaxial cable.

Positron GAM for Copper

The Positron GAM-12-M and GAM-24-M for Copper can deliver services on telephone wire (Cat3) either on a single pair in SISO mode or in MIMO mode by spreading the (up to) 200 MHZ of spectrum of on two (2) pairs. This Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technique is similar to what is used by 4G/5G/Wi-Fi networks to improve bandwidth and reach. This means you can serve a subscriber over two (2) pairs from a single port and deliver Gigabit services to 800 feet (250 meters)!

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Positron GAM for Coax

The Positron GAM-12-C and GAM-24-C for Coax can deliver Gigabit services to 2600 feet (800 meters) on RG-6 and to 1000 feet (300 meters) on RG-59! The most important feature of the GAM-xx-C is that you can offer services either in point-to-point or point to multi-point drops, allowing you to make use of standard coax splitters. Each GAM Gigabit Coax port can support up to 16 clients.

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Positron GAM Key Features & Benefits

  • All you need is Gigabit Access to MDU / MTU over Fiber or Fixed Wireless Access:

    Fiber or Fixed Wireless Gigabit access to the building is the only requirement to enable Gigabit services with inside the building

  • Leverage Existing In-Building Wiring:

    By re-using the existing Coax or Twisted Pair wiring, you save time, money and reduce complexity and cost

  • Re-use the Existing Residential Gateway (RG):

    No need to replace your current CPE. With a low-cost managed bridge you can re-use the current RG and the existing management systems already in place

  • Extensive Management & Troubleshooting Features and Capabilities:

    Simplifies the GAM deployment, activation and support. Management capabilities cover all operational aspects; from dealing with wiring issues to service-aware QOS and bandwidth management

  • Non-blocking Ethernet ASIC Offers Symmetrical Gigabit bandwidth services to subscribers over existing coaxial or telephone wiring

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October 2019