Osiris Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring and Control Units

The Positron OSIRIS multi-service Platform (MSP) is an integrated access solution for the rapidly expanding synchronous optical network (SONET) broadband markets. It delivers the most cost-effective, compact and simple-to-deploy solution for multiservice traffic such as data, voice and video.

The network monitor and control unit (NMCU) is the central processing unit of the Positron OSIRIS (MSP). It provides operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning (OAM&P), including fault surveillance, performance monitoring, provisioning and security.

NMCU Technology

The NMCU initializes all the other cards in the system and manages communications over the data communication channel (DCC) of the optical ring. The unit also controls the alarm relays and provides Ethernet and serial ports to the external world.

The NMCU supports the Transaction Language 1 (TL1) on the craft input/output (I/O) ports. The unit provides TL1 and VUE management access via a built-in 10 Base-T Ethernet LAN port, an RS-232 modem port and an RS-232 craft port. This enables OSIRIS to be directly integrated into central office network element (NE) LAN-based management environments.


  • Remote software download
  • Remote inventory
  • Automatic configuration upload
  • Performance monitoring
  • Integrated TCP/IP gateway


  • Software can be downloaded from a single location without changing any plug-in units
  • CLEI codes, manufacturing dates, version levels and serial numbers installed in the network are retrievable from a single location
  • A replacement plug-in unit automatically provisions itself with the attributes of the unit that was removed
  • Full performance monitoring is generated without external monitoring equipment
  • Access to an OSIRIS ring is provided via TCP/IP (Telnet) protocol without requiring additional external equipment
  • I/O ports are user-configurable