OSIRIS VUE Integrated Element

VUE Integrated Element/ Craft Management System

VUE is an end-to-end Element/Craft Management System offering integrated control over TDM and packet-based services and related infrastructures. VUE manages all products, from the latest generation platform to the widely deployed OSIRIS Multi-Service Platforms, as well as hybrid and stacked combinations that are easily managed as single, virtual network elements.

VUE provides on-demand provisioning, element and inventory management, network monitoring, security control and software upgrades from an intuitive point-and-click interface.

Scalable Carrier-Class Client/Server Architecture

VUE is built on a carrier-class, open client/server architecture that permits distributed network element monitoring and configuration from multiple workstations, easily scaling from regional to Tier-1 network topologies. Each VUE server-based application has its own console interface that can concurrently host multiple VUE clients and a variety of TL-1 aware third party packages.

Applications and their components can be distributed across many workstations and servers, or run independently on a single machine. Security is assured and simplified by unified, server-authenticated login via the server’s north-bound front-end.

VUE applications support common com-munications interfaces, including serial, modem, TCP/IP and local access when the VUE client is used as a craft terminal in the field.


  • Integrated TDM/Packet-based service management from a single EMS
  • Simple, cost effective operations from laptop or desktop
  • View all network elements within single or multiple rings
  • Streamlined alarm detection and tracking


  • Carrier-class client/server architecture
  • Runs on Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows XP
  • Point-and-click end-to-end connection and service provisioning, performance monitoring, inventory and security management
  • Global topology views
  • Supports all AEX and OSIRIS Network Elements (NE)